Ceramic Pro®
San Diego

Welcome to Ceramic Pro Elite San Diego where we provide the automotive protection and car customization in San Diego!

You have to see it to believe it!

Ceramic Pro has a full line of products meeting every surface protection need. Ceramic Pro 9H is our flagship heavy-duty, permanent protective coating product. This product has a glossy, hydrophobic finish allowing water and other liquids to bead off the surface easily. Ceramic Pro protects the paint from staining, UV damage, bugs, dirt, and debris.

The protective finish not only protects the paint but makes washing incredibly easy. Dirt and grime easily slide off the surface, and aggressive scrubbing isn’t required.

Other products in the Ceramic Pro lineup include Ceramic Pro Glass (hydrophobic coating for windshields and windows), Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper (protection for calipers and wheels), Ceramic Pro Top Coat (durable, protec