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Clear Bra Products


When it comes to clear bra car products our experts at Ceramic Pro San Diego only trust the best quality products on the market. The paint protection industry is constantly evolving, which makes it incredibly important to always continue growing and learning. We are constantly looking to perfect paint protection craft and be the best in the business and using the best clear bra car products help us do that. Recent advancements in clear bra technology enable us to cover full panels including hoods and fenders, and virtually any panel. The products we use are by Xpel and paint protection industry leader Ceramic Pro. Both brands are great, it all depends on your preference. Xpel Ultimate Plus and Xpel Stealth have different finished but both protect from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips, and more. Ceramic Pro Kavaca and Kavaca Matte have serve the same purpose but these films are self healing without the need for added heat.

Clear Bra is an incredibly clear, polyurethane, invisible film. It helps prevent damage from gravel, rocks, bugs, road salt, magnesium chloride, tree sap and scratches. We encourage protection to the parts of cars most prevalent to damage including the front bumper, hood, front mirrors and headlights. There is also the option to cover the entire car. Clear Bra should be installed by an experienced auto detailing professional. Whenever possible, we utilize a plotter and cutting software where we can produce customized patterns to fit your car perfectly and offers. Our experience also allows us to perform custom “bulk cut” installations whenever necessary. It’s important to select a reputable brand such as XPEL or Ceramic Pro Kavaca so you don’t have to worry about the film cracking, peeling or yellowing.

Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Protects Against

  • Paint Chipping
  • Rock Chips
  • Road Salt
  • Bugs
  • Scratches
  • Tree Sap

Featured Package: Partial Kit

  • Bumper
  • Headlights
  • 1/3 of the Hood
  • 1/3 of the Front Fenders
  • Front of Side Mirrors

We Use the Best Quality Clear Bra Film On the Market

Clear Bra is the most protective solution on the market for your vehicle. No other protective solution can guarantee protection from rock chips.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is an instant healing paint protection film created by industry leaders in paint protection, Ceramic Pro. This PPF is super hydrophobic and non-yellowing properties. It has been developed for the automotive industry for paint protection. Kavaca is a high performance polyurethane film that is designed to protect against abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and other types of physical damage. It comes coated with Ceramic Pro, so it will provide your paint with the ultimate shine. Ceramic Pro Kava offers a level on instant self healing that has never been seen before in the paint protection film industry. Surface scratches will disappear right before your eyes.

Xpel Ultimate Plus

Xpel Ultimate Plus is a great choice for protected your investment with paint protection film. This film has an incredible high gloss finish and improved impact protection. Ultimate Plus was designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need on the road. It keeps you safe from gravel, oils, bug acid, bird droppings, and stops paint chips! Xpel Ultimate Plus is also self-healing but it requires heat application in order to self heal. This film is non-yellowing and won’t change colors with prolonged sun exposure. This film is also stain resistant and will maintain clarity under the harshest conditions. With it’s Edge Seal Technology, lifting and delamination are worries of the past!

Xpel Stealth

Xpel Stealth is a paint protection film that has been specially formulated for preserving a flat factory finish. It has been made to protect matte paint, but it can also protect your gloss paint and provide it with a whole new look. With a unique satin finish, Xpel Stealth helps match most factory flat paint jobs and will disappear on most surfaces. You can also add Stealth to your gloss paint job to create a new finish. Normally, flat finishes are pretty difficult to maintain, but Stealth enables you to easily wash and dry your vehicle without damaging its sheen.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca Matte

Here at Ceramic Pro San Diego, we have started to use Ceramic Pro Kavaca Matte. The newest paint protection film with a satin finish is here! With Kavaca Matte you still receive the best protection from the external elements, but without the glossy finish. Your paint is protected from rock chips, bug acid, bird droppings, and other harmful elements. You still get all the benefits of Kavaca, like the hydrophobic properties and non-yellowing, but without the glossy finish. Kavaca Matte is still instant self-healing meaning that no added heat is required to see the clear bra heal right before your eyes.